With the presence of Members of the Diplomats Association and from the Fashion world, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia hosted a “Batik Showcase” in Caracas


?With the aim to promote Indonesian culture in Venezuela, the Wisma Duta (house of Indonesia in Caracas) was the venue on Tuesday January 29th 2013 for a successful Batik Showcase. Her Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Prianti Gagarin Djatmiko-Singgih enchanted the audience with a beautiful exhibition of her Batik private collection to showcase the history of other cultural influences in Indonesian Batik that is recognized as the intangible heritage of humanity by UNECO in 2009. It was a great occasion to promote the Indonesian archipelago through the beauty and diversity of the fabric that represents the culture and heritage from its people.


Under a completely Indonesian environment there were amongst the audience of this event, distinguished wives of Ambassadors accredited to Venezuela, the renowned Venezuelan Designer Liliana Ávila and the honorable Mrs. Elvira de Parés and Ángela Mata, Director and Deputy Director of the most famous and prestigious Design Academy of the country: BRIVIL: who participated in pleasant activities which included an introduction to the principles and basics of Batik inspiration and creation, a demonstration on how to wear Batik and a very fun contest in which the ladies had to dress themselves with pieces of Batik.


The audience sure had a very good time being surrounded with Batik textiles with hundreds of shapes, motifs and colors. With this initiative it is assured the introduction of this millenary Indonesian art to Venezuelan people. Representatives of commercial sector, society and Venezuelan Fashion Community have already expressed their interest on Indonesian Batik. This event was widely covered by local media.