Indonesian Ambassador Received the First Edition of the book "International Seminar on Islam, Civilization, and Peace in the Context of the Amman Message and Seminar on Banking , Islamic Finance Instruments , Zakat and Waqf" written by Prof. Dr Abdul Sa


?On April 23 to 25, 2013, the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Endowments and Affairs of the Holy Places of Jordan, and the Embassy of the RI in Amman, has organized the International Seminar on Islam, Civilization, and Peace at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta. The event was attended by more than 500 guests from various elements including government incumbants, community leaders, religious leaders, academicians, and 25 observers from other countries (Saudi Arabia, Brunei, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Oman, Singapore, Sudan, and Timor L'este) whom are prominent persons in Islamic field. In addition to bilateral efforts in promoting universal Islamic values, the seminar also held as an attempt to maximize the Islamic economic infrastructure such as endowments, charity, alms, banking and Islamic finance in order to improve the welfare of the ummah.

As part of the concrete follow-up to the seminar, the Head of Delegation of Jordan at the seminar, Prof. Dr Abdul Salam Al-Abbady and a member of the delegation, Dr. Umar Al-Armouthy, has written a book about the substance of the seminar entitled "" International Seminar on Islam, Civilization, and Peace in the Context of the Amman Message" (Mu’tamar Al-Islam, Hadhoroh, Wa Salaam fi Dzilaal Risaalah Amman wa Nadwatul Bunuuk wa Adawaatu-t-Tamwiil al-Islami wa-z-Zakaati wa-l-Waqf). The main reference of the book is primarily taken from the compilation of seminar papers by presenters as well as points of discussion in the seminar.

On March 2, 2015, the Ambassador of Indonesia has received the visit of Prof. Al-Abbady and Dr. Al-Armouthy. Besides to personally deliver an early edition of the book, the visit also aimed to convey the progress of the Jordanian Committee in preparing for the implementation of the 2nd Seminar that planned to be held in Jordan in 2015.

It said that the finalization of the provisions of the date and other mechanisms will be decided after the committee got the green light from the Royal Court. In the present time, Prof. Al-Abbady have got a schedule from the RC to meet Prince Al-Hassan Bin Talal as the figure of the Kingdom in the issues of Islam and the values of peace