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Consular and Visa Services

Consular Services for Non-Indonesian Nationals In Indonesia

The consular services for non-Indonesian nationals in Indonesia which are provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs i.e. Directorate of Consular Affairs comprise the services in facilitating and mediating in cases involving foreign nationals in Indonesia, which includes foreign nationals being accused to have violated the Indonesia law, those who are parties to civil cases, stranded, reported missing, victims of  accidents / natural disasters, victims of crimes,  death, etc.
The consular services are provided as part of the application of the Vienna Convention 1961 and 1963.
The procedures in providing such services, through the coordination with the relevant Government institutions are as follow:
1. The institution which is handling the case of the foreign national notifies the Directorate of Consular Affairs and provides background information or chronology of the case in details. This includes the  identity of the foreign national, their nationality and identity number (if any);

2. The Directorate of Consular Affairs then sends notification through Note Verbal to the relevant diplomatic or consular mission in Indonesia. If the diplomatic or consular mission does not reside in Indonesia, the notification is sent through the Indonesian diplomatic or consular missions abroad; and

3. In the absence of notifications by the Government
institution which is handling the case, the relevant diplomatic or consular missions may inquire information concerning the case and the Directorate of Consular Affairs then facilitates the request by communicating with the said Government institution accordingly

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