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Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Minister: We do not accept Excuses for Australia’s Bugging

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Minister said that he does not accept Australia’s reason for bugging. This was conveyed by Foreign Affairs Minister Marty M. Natalegawa at the press meeting with various media at the Nusantara Hall, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pejambon, Jakarta, this afternoon (11/18). “We cannot accept the fact the  bugging of Indonesian leaders on the pretext of Australian national interest.  This goes against international law, and clearly against friendship relations between the two countries."


The firm statement of the Minister was accompanied by concrete steps, one of them the call for the Ad Interim Representative of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta and the discussion with the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister a while ago in India. “With the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister we discussed for more than two hours, conveying to him  that we cannot leave this matter hanging like this and hope that our relations will turn to normal as previously."


Not just with the Australian side, the Indonesian Ambassador in Canberra was also called to Jakarta for further consolidation. “We called the Indonesian Ambassador in Canberra to consult about the latest developments we are absorbed  with at the moment. This is an action that we think holds  a clear message for  the Australian Government.”


Besides for consultation, the call for the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia was also a step to review  bilateral cooperation of the two nations, especially in the sector of information and exchanging of  intelligence between Indonesia and Australia.


Regretting  the action that Australia and some other countries carried out by bugging, Foreign Affairs Minister Marty said that collaboration in the sector of exchanging information is actually very beneficial to both nations, even for the region on a wider scope. In this case, between Indonesia and Australia and other countries cooperation has been carried out formally.


"Thanks to this collaboration , for example, we have succeeded in uncovering  the threat of terrorism, and the people trafficking  network,” stressed Foreign Affairs Minister Marty.


Then, what is the advantage, what’s the rationale  of  bugging the Head of State, the President, the First Lady, Ministers, what’s the reason? I find that Australia must account for  this  erroneous action , continued Foreign Affairs Minister  on a different note.



Indonesia Pushes for  Formulation of the UN Resolution


An international  action that Indonesia is pushing for is  formulating of the UN Resolution to press for international control  over bugging and intelligence activities. 


Indonesia together with Brazil and Germany at the moment are collaborating to introduce a resolution that requests and demands that the Governments of UN member nations  create a principle of  accountability in gathering actions of information and intelligence.


"Indonesia’s efforts are  not just bilateral, not just regional, but also global, together with countries that share the same views, like Brazil, Germany, and other countries.”


At the end of the interview, Indonesia’s Foreign Affairs Minister  said that   bugging one another and espionage are  actions that are  outdated and way  behind.


"This is not the Cold-War era. In the 21st Century I think that the issue of bugging like this should be far behind us. So we should be firm, direct, measurable, in conveying our attitude,” Foreign Affairs Minister Marty concluded. (Source: Dit. Infomed/Ed. PY)


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