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Mexican Businessmen Interested to Invest in Indonesia

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Chances and opportunities in improving economy cooperation with Mexico are wide open. The fact was stressed when the Indonesia Ambassador to Mexico City Hamdani Djafar met business communities and the government of Queretaro State, Mexico (18-21/8).
In the series of meeting, Hamdani informed the economy progress in Indonesia. He said that Indonesia’s infrastructure development had gotten better through years, including the support for industries. He offered chances to Queretaro business communities to invest directly in Indonesia through PMA. “We also offer a chance to have Queretaro’s capital directed to the various developments of special economy areas,” added Hamdani.
Responding to the offer, Director of Parque Industrial Queretaro (PIQ) Ing. Abel Baca-General expressed his interest.
“We are very interested to take part in the resolution of several development projects, especially those about industrial areas, and we are experienced in managing special economy areas,” said Abel. he CEO of Desarroklo Residencia Touristico (DRT) Dr. Victor Mena gave a nod to it. He saw it was time DRT expanded its market and investment to Asian countries, including Indonesia.
Accordingly, Queretaro’s Secretary of Economy Tonatiuh Salinas Munoz explained the management of investment in the state. Security, infrastructure, fiscal policy and conducive climate for business played a crucial role in making Queretaro the best choice for investment for 717 PMA companies in operation already.
“The manufacture industry is the biggest sector in making use of PMA, about 66%, followed by service 21% and 12% of trade,” he said.
In addition to meeting business communities, Hamdani made use of the chance to pay a visit to several special economy areas in Queretaro. The city has a very strategic place in the heart of Mexico and is passed by Route 57 and railroads that connect Mexico to the USA and Canada. To boot, the city is also equipped with inland port facilities in its international airport and has 19 industrial areas, 2 technology-focused areas and an aeronautical area. (source: the Indonesia Embassy in Mexico)

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