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The overall activities involving state-to-state relations are basically diplomatic relations. This, in essentials, is any endeavour to maintain inter-state relation. Diplomacy in formal way is carried out by diplomatic corps or consular corps. Diplomatic corps is chaired by an ambassador, while consular corps is chaired by consul general. The mission of a consular corps basically is similar to that of diplomatic corps. Consulate, however, is usually acting to assist and protect the citizens of the consul's own country, and to facilitate trade and friendship between the people of the country to whom he or she is accredited and the country of which he or she is a representative, that in the end it is expected to increase the welfare of the people from both countries. To achieve this objective, Indonesia has opened 132 missions abroad, consisting of 95 embassies, 3 permanent missions for United Nations in New York and Geneva, and for ASEAN in Jakarta, 31 Consulate General and 3 Consulate as well as appointed 64 honorary Consul.

To access the address of Indonesian Missions abroad and Foreign Missions in Indonesia, just scroll down the name of the country.

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